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Origami Bow 


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Origami Bow 

Written By: Julie Hudy 


Origami Paper (1) 
Scissors (1) 

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Origami Bow 

Step 1 — Origami Bow 

• This is what the finished product 
will look like. 

Step 2 


• Start with Origami paper color side down. 

• Fold corner to corner, making an X in the paper as in picture #2. 

• Turn paper over to color side. Fold in half in both directions, making a "+" in the paper as 
in picture #3. 

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Origami Bow 

Step 3 

• Collapse along creases. 

• The result should look like picture #2. 

Step 4 

• Lay flap on table. Fold down the top point. This is really up to you. This fold will be making 
the "knot" in the middle of the bow. 

• Open unit up. As you can see, there is a square in the center. 

• Collapse the center square into the center as shown in picture #3. 

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Origami Bow 

Step 5 

• Picture #1 shows what your paper should look like after collapsing the square. 

• Fold each side into the center using that center crease line as your guide. (Picture #2) 

• Continue on the other side. Flip over and repeat on the other side of paper. 

Step 6 

• Picture #1 shows all creases folded. 

• Gently open the unit from the bottom upwards. Make sure to keep the previous creases 

• Picture #3 shows the end result. 

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Origami Bow 

Step 7 



• Turn the unit over as in picture #1 . 

• Cut along the folded crease as in picture #2. 

• Continue with the other 3 folds. The result should look like picture #3. 

Step 8 


^^ ^^^^^^__^ 

• Fold the top down to the bottom. (Picture #1) 

• Fold sides down making a point on both sides. (Picture #2) 

• Repeat on the other side. (Picture #3) 

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Origami Bow 

Step 9 

• Cut up the center of both pages. Cut all the way up to the square. 

Step 10 

• Fold over as much as you like on the inside edge. (Picture #1) 

• Fold the outer edge in. (Picture #2) 

• It is for you to decide how much paper to fold here. There isn't a "correct" way to fold 

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Origami Bow 

Step 11 

• Turn over. 

• Cut the ribbon strands however you'd like. I like making points, but you can do it whatever 
way you prefer. 

• Take the point on the left and roll it toward the center. Tuck it under the square as in 
picture #2. 

• Repeat on other side. (Picture #3) 

• Your beautiful bow is finished. Make some more and have fun decorating with them. 

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